European Models Dieting Tips

Published: 15th September 2008
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This is special professional diet for models and it can be very dangerous for unprepared people. It is strongly recommended to consult dietician specialist.
Before using models dieting tips your body should be prepared by using less hard diet before, minimum for 2 months.

Here are basic rules of nutrition for top models:

- Every daily meal should be divided into two; if before you had three meals from now you will have six.

- Mostly diet consists of vegetable soups and you should eat them without anything.

- Four hour break between meals.

- Can not be combined into one meal fish and meat, as it is a heterogeneous protein.

- Dairy products should be fat-free only, normalize dairy products preferred if possible and milk should be mixed with ice.

- Mayonnaise should be removed from your diet menu or if you can't live without it you should cook it yourself: without yolks, salt and add fat free yogurt.

- Not to use salt in cooking, and try to replace it with few drops of soy sauce or spices.

- Drink at least 30 minutes before eating and not earlier than 1 hour after.

- Consume at least 1.5 - 2 liters of non-carbonated mineral water per day (this is depends on your temperate climates).

Don't think that this is very easy be cause that what you just read is only basic top models eating tips, later I will post completed and tested diet plans of the world famous models and celebrities.

Here is diet secret which many celebrities of podium use:

You should use this diet plan once a month for 5 days.
Don't use sugar and salt at all. In the morning you can eat only one boiled egg.
After three hours eat 174 g of fat-free yogurt and drink one cup of tea without sugar and after three hour repeat second meal.
No, I didn't forget to write about others meals because this will be your daily meal for five days in month. This is not a joke.

It is recommended to consult doctor before using any of these diets or diet plans.

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